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Filip Polák

Our grant holder 2018 – 2020
Filip Polák
Filip Polák


University of South Wales

Field of study

Computer Games Development


I am in my second year at the University of South Wales. University studies in the UK have greatly benefitted me in both academic and extracurricular terms. I really appreciate the academic environment in the UK, placing great emphasis on the practicality of the program, as a result of which students focus on projects that make sense in the field of computer game development rather than learning a vast amount of theory that they would all forget following the first test. In my spare time, I like mountain climbing, surfing, cooking, and playing computer games. 


Na Zatlance Grammar School, graduated in 2017


University of South Wales, three-year BSc Computer Games Development program, beginning 2017, expected year of graduation 2020



My goal is to obtain a degree from an international university, then most likely earn a Master’s degree in my field, and then find a job, preferably as a game developer in a large corporation, contributing to the development of major games that make people happy and that people will continue talking about for a long time to come.


Mountain climbing, surfing, and computer games

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