The year ends, exams, Ramadan

The academic year is over and the last term of my second year if officially done. After finishing all of the university projects and writing my one exam the only thing left to do was patiently await the results that would hopefully confirm the continuation of mu studies. The results at last came in on 13th June, bringing the feeling of satisfaction and victory.

The long year game development project I have previously mentioned in my blog posts has been successfully brought to an end and all of the member of my team have passed the module without issues. This project has not been coming along very well throughout the entire year and thus was quite a frustrating experience – we have had a lot of communication issues within the group, we have had no clear idea about the design of the final product and in the last few months we all suffered from a severe lack of motivation to work on this further. On the other hand, at least all of our members saw this project through, unlike in other groups where some people suddenly left the university course for their own reasons leaving their teammates to their fates.
 During conversations with other students on different courses it has been revealed to me how a lot of people are nervous about their upcoming exams, which is obviously quite understandable, but for me it was interesting to find out how many exams does each person has to write while realising that I have only got just one exam to do while everything else is a bit more practical projects, mostly related to programming. My Operating systems exam happened in the first week of May and thanks to some preparation I was able to write just fine and pass without issue. Other projects included different areas of programming such as creating a 3D scene in OpenGL, programming a Pop-Tarts vending machine, to an automated map-creating software in the Python environment of Doom 3.
In May there was also Ramadan, the Islamic holy month, during which one of the university institutions organized a free meal every day after dusk for all the fasting Muslims. And so, I once again had the opportunity to volunteer for an interesting event. I have definitely enjoyed Ramadan quite a lot, however it is a bit of a shame I could not participate more because during that month I was still working in my part time job and so I have spent a lot of the evenings working instead of volunteering. 
Anyway, the summer holidays are here, and it is time to get back to work to start earning money for accommodation and food for the next academic year, time to go home for the holidays for a while and see the family and such. And then back to school in September, just this time in the third year.

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