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Helping Schools Succeed

Through our work, we give public primary schools the help they need to create environments which encourage pupils to perform well and approach learning with enthusiasm and commitment. Success is when a school becomes a platform for children to discover their identities and future potential. Success is children learning how to communicate and engage with the world, understanding how the world works, and also learning how to care for it. Success is learning to live in a way which gives them satisfaction. Step by step, we are helping transform the educational process in public primary schools across the country.


About our Public Primary School Programme

Every pupil can become a good reader and writer. In this process, they need a teacher who believes in them and is able to find the paths forward for children in all their diversity. Pupils also need a community of readers and writers in their classmates and teachers.

We support a network of more than a hundred schools as they nurture children into independent and thoughtful readers and writers who will later apply their communication skills in personal, professional and civic life.

Our foundation directs the second largest proportion of its donations to a reading and writing programme for public primary schools.

What people say about the project

Helping Schools Succeed is a carefully designed programme of comprehensive intervention which has great potential to produce ongoing improvements in Czech education. By responding to the real needs of schools individually, the programme lives up to the partnership principle it is based on. Hana Košťálová not only brings an extensive theoretical knowledge of factors which benefit teaching and learning to the programme, she has a deep understanding of how schools function stemming from her many years of work with teachers. The programme represents a key source of inspiration for any intervention programme initiated by NGOs or the public sector.

Doc. RNDr. Jana Straková, Ph.D.

Jana Straková

Institute for Research and Development of Education, Faculty of Education, Charles University

We especially appreciate that the project is not based on one-way training. It is inspiring to explore and push the boundaries of teaching together, whether this involves teacher support or working with the teachers of associated schools.

Miroslav Kubíček

Helping Schools Succeed is an example of a very well-prepared and targeted programme which is effective in supporting education. Based on many years of experience of the programme’s achievements and results, I’m in a good position to say that far from being selective assistance for just a few schools, the programme has prompted deeper changes in the spirit of a mutually learning community, generated expertise and snowballed around the institutions receiving support.

Miroslav Hřebecký

Programming Director, EDUin

Teachers learnt to think more about their teaching during the project and changed it from the ground up – for the better, we would say. Now they always start with the student and their needs. They also think about how to make every lesson truly work for everybody.

Vít Beran

Our involvement in this programme has completely changed the way we look at the work of a teacher and everything that this entails. It has shown us what true teamwork among colleagues – whether teachers or school leaders – looks like.

Ivo Mikulášek

Headteacher, Dobronín Primary and Nursery School

We’re also seeing how they are learning to express their opinions, respect the views of others and think critically about the information we give them. Teachers are increasingly becoming more like educational guides for the children.

Roman Ziegler

For teachers from schools involved in the project.

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How we help primary schools succeed


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to promote meaningful teaching in 2009–2020


public primary schools

in school year 2021/2022

3 200

teachers whom we helped in their professional growth in 2020

42 000

pupils were given access to a better education in 2020

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