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Grants for university students

Talent and passion will find a way. Provided that they have support and a goal.

We support talented, driven and hard-working Czech university students so that they can choose the institution they will find the most rewarding. We offer grants that allow them to study their selected field at universities anywhere in the world. We look forward to them naturally using their new knowledge for the benefit of the Czech Republic.

stipendisté, leden 2022
stipendisté, leden 2022

Which students are the grants for?

The grants are for Czech undergraduates who are serious about their journey of discovery. Not only are they willing to travel to faraway places to study, but most of all, they want to reach deeply into their field. They started already in secondary school, and now they want to continue at university.

We also appreciate it when students pursue fields that will make them in demand in the Czech Republic or are just beginning to develop here. These might be natural sciences, engineering and technology, art or humanities. So far, we have helped 257 students with funding for their university studies. You could be among them next year too.

Every year, we open the grant procedure to new candidates. Graduates of any secondary school can apply. We select those whose passion for their chosen field matches their ambition to study at university.

Important dates

Important dates

Our eyes are wide open. We draw on information and stimuli from everyday life. And we are inspired by our children – their outlook on life, their academic knowledge, and how they deal with their own challenges.

Renáta Kellnerová

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How we support university students


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university students

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