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Scholarship for Open Gate students

At Open Gate, we support children from children’s homes, foster homes and families who are in difficult social or financial situations. Our scholarship has been set up to help clear the way to a top education for motivated children. If this is you or someone you know, read on.

Praktické informace

Who is the scholarship for?

The scholarship is for motivated children with academic potential from difficult social or economic backgrounds and who pass the entrance exams to Open Gate.

What does the scholarship cover?

We always assess applications on a case-by-case basis. The amount of the scholarship is based on the income and financial situation of the prospective student’s family. Our assessment is based on the documents you attach to your application. Sometimes we supplement that information by looking up publicly available sources.

The amount of a scholarship award varies, but it is usually sufficient to cover all expenses related to studying at Open Gate. This includes tuition, textbooks, accommodation, meals and extra-curricular activities. The scholarship also covers medical and psychological care, exchange visits, trips in the Czech Republic and abroad, and even skiing lessons. Some students receive a partial scholarship from us, and the family then covers the costs of the child’s meals, for example.

Who can apply for a scholarship?

It doesn’t matter which year you apply for or whether you are already one of our students. Applications are open to

  • students who are enrolling in prima, the first year of an eight-year grammar school.

  • students transferring from another grammar school or from the second (i.e. lower secondary) year of primary school

  • students who are already studying at Open Gate and whose financial or social circumstances have changed.

What we need from you if you apply

Simply complete and submit the application using our interactive form. Depending on the child’s circumstances, we will require additional documents, such as proof of household income, tax returns, social benefits or pensions, court custody decisions, or similar. We need to receive all documents from you to assess the application properly.

Application deadline

We need to have your application and all relevant details by 1 March. If you want to know the outcome of your scholarship application before you apply for admission to the school, use the option to apply for the scholarship in advance by 15 January. In any case, we recommend starting in advance since it sometimes takes a while to get all the necessary documents. Of course, you can save your pending application and return to it whenever you want.

What if I’m unsure about something?

You can always contact the Foundation staff for advice at any time. Just send an email or call, preferably between 9.00 and 16.00. Don’t be afraid to ask – we want and need you to fill in the application form correctly.

Scholarship applications

How does it work?



January 15 2022

Advance deadline for the submission of applications

Initial deadline for the submission of a complete application. If you submit the application by this deadline, you will be notified of the outcome by 28 February.





Regular deadline for applications

The usual deadline for those who are not in a hurry to know the outcome. You will find out whether you have been awarded a scholarship together with the results of the entrance exams, usually in April.



Application deadline for current scholarship holders

If you are already an Open Gate student and receive a  scholarship, you have until 31 March to apply for a scholarship for the next academic year.



April 2022

Open Gate admissions procedure

Although we will confirm your eligibility for a scholarship in February, you still need to pass the entrance exams and be admitted to Open Gate in order to receive the scholarship.

Applications outside scheduled deadlines

For students transferring to Open Gate from another school

You can apply for a scholarship even if you are transferring to Open Gate during the school year.

These applications are handled by the Foundation’s Board of Trustees throughout the year. Simply submit an application as soon as it becomes relevant to you.