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Do you want to apply for a grant? Fill in our form.

Our online applications opened on January 1, 2024 for new applicants. We need to receive everything from you by Sunday March 10, 2024.

You can save your application at any time while you are filling it in and come back to it later.

For first-time applicants | Those who have yet to receive a Foundation grant.

How do you apply and what will we need from you?

You need to fill in our grant application form and submit it with all the necessary documents listed. You can submit these documents at any time during the application process.

There are quite a few documents and some may take longer to obtain, so we recommend completing the application well in advance – preferably several weeks before the actual deadline.

What to attach to your application

  • Message to the Foundation’s Board of Trustees. What interests you in your field, why you want to study it at your chosen university, and especially why the Foundation should support you in that.

  • A letter of recommendation from one of your teachers or someone who is helping you to develop academically or artistically.

  • A short essay in Czech on “What I would like to achieve in my chosen field, and how I would like to change it”. Your essay must not be more than 1,000 words long.

  • Confirmation that you are a student of a secondary school or higher-education institution, or that you have completed your secondary education.

  • A copy of your foreign language test papers, if you have them. 

  • Evidence of your family’s economic situation. For example, confirmation from an employer about the income of members of your joint household, tax returns, confirmation of eligibility for social and other benefits from the state, etc.

  • Confirmation of volunteer work, relevant work-related activities during secondary school or the results of Olympiads and other secondary-school competitions. These documents can be scans of diplomas, confirmation from your supervisor if you have done relevant work experience, confirmation of volunteer work, etc. We are also interested in your own personal projects.

You must send us your complete application by March 10.

For our grant students | Those who have already received a grant from us and would like to apply for a grant for next year.

How to submit a follow-up application?

If you are already studying with the Foundation’s support, you need to reapply for a grant for each subsequent year.

In addition to the information you submitted the previous year, we will need an updated academic record, and if applicable, information about any completed internships and other supporting documents to prove your personal development.

The application must be sent by April 30.

How does it work?





Opening of online grant applications for new applicants

From this date on, you can fill in an online application form and upload the necessary documents.





Deadline for applications if you are a first-time applicant

Deadline for students applying for a grant for the first time. Your application must be sent by 12 March 2023.



May 2024

First round results | New applicants

We’ll let you know whether you’re one of the people we’ll be inviting for an interview in May or June.





Deadline for applications if you are a repeat applicant

If you have already received a grant from us and would like to apply for a grant for the following year, you need to apply by 30 April.



June 2022

Second selection round

The second round involves an interview with the Board of Trustees.

by 30 June 2024

Announcement of results

We will let you know by the end of June whether we have awarded you a grant and if so, the amount.