Back from Christmas and the second term begins… One of the university projects that I am currently working on is a yearlong game development group project where me and a group of five other students, along with our lecturer, are trying to simulate the actual work environment of a proper game development company. Specifically, that involves meeting our lecturer at least once every week where we discuss the progress that we have made during the past week, as well as all the issues and problems we might have with said project. Another reason why I have mentioned simulating an actual work environment is the fact that our work groups were decided by the lecturer himself as to demonstrate that in a professional environment you wouldn’t be able to just choose your friends into your work group and you would have to work with somebody who you (potentially) can’t stand, but you would still have to be professional around them… And to be honest here, I have got to say that our project is not coming along quite well – we do have a bit of communication issues within our group, which is definitely not ideal (lots of times someone adds or changes something within the project without letting anyone else know which just adds to the confusion and frustration of other members of the group).

It snowed here in Wales towards the end of January! Although the snow didn’t survive even for a day it was still enough to make the locals quite happy or rather frustrated about it. To explain we could look at last year’s winter when The Beast from the East tore through the British countryside, leaving behind a few centimetres of snow that didn’t for about two days… Which caused large disruptions to traffic, schools and just the general life of the locals. We had schools off for a few days, our deadlines have been postponed for a week or two and supermarkets were ravaged so much it looked like a nuclear apocalypse was upon us and there was no possibility to get milk or bread for two weeks after the initial snow! It was quite amusing however, to watch the local young people enjoy the snow fully, to watch them sledge down snowy hills on anything from a shovel to a bed mattress.

In the middle of February there was another IWP (that I have already talked about in my autumn blog) – International Welcome Programme, this time much smaller, focused on new coming international students that start their courses in February as opposed to September (most of them being master’s degrees). And so, I have, yet again, volunteered to help with organizing social events for the people to get used to being in the UK, help them settle in and make friends. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend all of the events because I was still working in my part time job and that was partially overlapping IWP, so I had to miss a few of them.

In January, just after New Year, I was finally able to put together my long-anticipated Dungeons & Dragons campaign that I have been planning for about three months. And I am very happy so finally start with my small group of Czech friends. So far we used to have a session at least once a week, which for me is a huge success and I am very curious as to see how this will progress.

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