Mrs. Renáta Kellnerová and Mr. Petr Kellner established their family foundation in 2009 and, two years later, merged it with the Educa foundation, which until then had been providing grants to the Open Gate grammar school students. The Kellner Family Foundation has followed up on Educa’s mission, supporting academically gifted children and young people growing up in children’s homes, broken families or otherwise challenging socio-economic environments. Later, additional efforts included improving the quality of teaching at public elementary schools in the Czech Republic and facilitating and broadening the opportunities for teacher to learn new and better ways to teach their students. The Foundation does not focus on education alone. Another of its projects allowed research teams to peacefully work on research that one day could change medical outcomes or at least give more hope to sick people.

The Foundation channels its efforts into three major projects. The first of them, Open Gate, provides opportunities for socially disadvantaged students to study at the eight-year grammar school of the same name. As the school offers boarding to the students, it is accessible for talented young people from all over the country. Open Gate studies conclude with both the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma and the Czech State’s school leaving examination.

Another project, Universities, loosely follows up on Open Gate. The Foundation provides grants to graduates of Czech secondary schools so that they can continue learning at international universities. The Foundation covers not just school fees but also travel costs and living expenses abroad for motivated students. Thanks to these grants, some sixty young people leave the country to study abroad every year. Some grantees also obtain support to enroll at Czech universities and other higher education institutions.

However, in order to foster the Czech educational system’s ability to provide an excellent education to all students from the outset, the Foundation has also set its sights on public elementary schools. To that end, it initiated the Helping Schools Succeed project in 2010. It provides selected elementary schools with funds for their teachers and principals to improve their qualifications, learn new teaching methods, and have more time to give to their students. 

The Foundation’s other project focused on the work of Czech researchers. It supported research into oncology with multi-year grants under the Science project. Grants where intended for luminaries acclaimed by international scientific circles, and also for talents who are just starting their careers in research, including fresh graduates in medicine and life sciences who wish to gain experience at prestigious institutions.

In addition to its core projects, the Foundation also contributes funds to other individuals and institutions for cultural and health projects.

All of our projects have a common goal: motivating those who have the talents it takes to achieve greater heights.

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