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Jan Hrebík and Jasmína Švarcrová

Open Gate grammar school graduates

Scholarships for grammar-school students: come and study at Open Gate

We believe that a quality education is the gateway to a better life. This is why we offer scholarships to gifted children from difficult family and economic backgrounds to attend Open Gate, a top grammar school. We know that at Open Gate they can best develop their strengths, overcome their disadvantages, and allow their characters to shine through.

Important dates

Important dates
Open Gate, gymnasium
Open Gate, gymnasium

Why Open Gate?

Open Gate was established by The Kellner Family Foundation to fill a gap in the Czech Republic. Approaching talent with an open mind, the school offers a first-class education and develops the learning potential of each student. It also values social responsibility very highly. Through our scholarships, children from all walks of life across the Czech Republic are able to come together here, enriching themselves and those around them.

Open Gate truly is an open gate to the future.

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How we help Open Gate students


university students

from children’s homes and foster homes


university students

have been awarded scholarships since the school was founded in 2005

1 825

annual scholarships

in 2005–2020


CZK million

for a better life built on excellent education (2005–2020)

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