The not-so new beginning

The beginning of September came around and I am finally moving out of university halls and moving into my new house where I'll be staying for the rest of the academic year. So far, it's just me here as the rest of my housemates (who are also all international) are still away from Britain.

Towards the end of summer, I was able to get a new job (part time) where I used to work for most weekends during the academic year so far. That provided me with enough money and resources to be able to cover my accommodation and food expenses. The job itself involves personal care for young people who are diagnosed with autism, which unfortunately, is not related to my university course in any way, shape or form. It is a very eye-opening experience though and the money is useful regardless.

In the middle of September there was an International Welcome Programme (IWP), which is a series of social events for all new coming international students - for them to make friends, get used to being in the UK and help them settle in. Because I have been through one of these Welcome Programmes myself and from my experience the IWP was one of the best non-academic university events that I have been to, I have decided to take part and volunteer as one of the organisers of said event. In conclusion, the event was a huge success, even now people sometimes come up to me and ask if I remember them from the IWP.

During the following week (Fresher's Week) there was an event for the university clubs and societies to recruit new members called Fresher's Fair which I have been to with one of my societies (Art Society), since I have the treasurer role within said society. And we were able to recruit about 70 new members over the 5-hour period of the Fair, which is a huge success!

The teaching itself began towards the end of September and there is not much to talk about here, the teaching style of lectures and tutorials was no different from last year so there was nothing new worth mentioning... Luckily, according to my timetable I have had classes for only 4 days a week and that allowed me to work in my part time job both weekends and weekdays.

Since the academic year started anew, all the university clubs and societies came back to life again... So, I could start doing my favourite hobbies with people with common interests as me - in my case the Art Society (which me and my good friend from Holland founded last year and is still going), the Climbing Club (of which I have been a member ever since last year) and Salsa4Water society (charity that focuses on teaching salsa and bachata dances while supporting the WaterAid charity).

Anyway, the winter is coming, my plane tickets home for Christmas are booked - naturally aiming for the cheapest option, meaning a coach across half of the UK, followed by three separate flights, first from London to Dublin, from there to Eindhoven and eventually from there, home to Prague. So that is going to be a lot of fun, but I am excited to go home and can't wait.

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