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Get your school involved from 2024/2025

Any school prepared to work for success will receive our help. We add new schools every three years, so you could join in the 2024/25 school year. But feel free to get in touch now and we’ll be happy to discuss everything with you.

How to get involved in the project

Once you pass the selection process, we’ll get you involved in the very next school year. We’re already looking forward to inspiring cooperation with schools like yours.

What people say about us

We’re also seeing how they are learning to express their opinions, respect the views of others and think critically about the information we give them. Teachers are increasingly becoming more like educational guides for the children.

Roman Ziegler

Teachers learnt to think more about their teaching during the project and changed it from the ground up – for the better, we would say. Now they always start with the student and their needs. They also think about how to make every lesson truly work for everybody.

Vít Beran

We especially appreciate that the project is not based on one-way training. It is inspiring to explore and push the boundaries of teaching together, whether this involves teacher support or working with the teachers of associated schools.

Miroslav Kubíček

Our involvement in this programme has completely changed the way we look at the work of a teacher and everything that this entails. It has shown us what true teamwork among colleagues – whether teachers or school leaders – looks like.

Ivo Mikulášek

Headteacher, Dobronín Primary and Nursery School