Open Gate Grammar School and Primary School begins its 16th academic year with scholarships for 95 students

Open Gate starts its 16th year with 293 grammar school students and 99 pupils in the primary school’s junior years. This year, as every year, a significant number of grammar school students have scholarships from The Kellner Family Foundation set up by Mrs Renáta Kellnerová and Mr Petr Kellner. For the current academic year, 95 students, approximately one-third of all students at the grammar school, have been awarded scholarships.

The school is very well prepared for preventive measures to stop the coronavirus from spreading and minimise the impacts on learning. If it is necessary to switch to distance learning, Open Gate’s teachers will have access to both modern technology and methodological support.

Refurbishments at the school
Every year, the school invests in improvements to its campus. During the vacation, it was the turn of the dormitories, whose entrances now have new cladding and windows. The indoor swimming pool has been thoroughly cleaned and fitted with new technology. Air conditioning has been installed in all of the primary school’s classrooms as well as the staffroom and conference room, and the grammar school’s roof has been repaired.

The school has also finished upgrading its information technology. This began in the first half of the year, during distance learning. Modern equipment for streaming and online teaching is now available for teachers at both the primary school and the grammar school.

Covid-19 measures
The most important measures are thorough handwashing and disinfecting surfaces, and everyone has access to an adequate supply of disinfectants on the school’s premises. Teaching is largely conducted in each form’s classroom, and rooms that are shared by different classes are always disinfected at the end of each lesson. To ensure the canteen can keep operating as usual, with its salad bar and self-service hot food buffet, there are three basic rules: the first is thorough hygiene before entering the dining room, the second is to wear a mask in the dining room (other than when sitting at a table), and the third is to use disposable gloves (until the student sits down at a table).

“We’re confident that we will be able to continue teaching on the school premises. We’re introducing thorough compliance with hygiene recommendations as part of the standard daily routine. If we have to switch a class or the entire school to distance learning, we’re ready for that, and we’ve drawn up a detailed manual for students, parents and teachers,” says Petra Dobešová, director, OPEN GATE – gymnázium a základní škola. “Obviously, as far as possible we’ll continue with all the activities that contribute to our students’ all-round development,” she adds.

The student dormitories, where approximately half of the grammar school students live, will also resume full operation. Here too, there will be strict hygiene rules and restrictions aimed at preventing individual groups of students from mixing.

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