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Radek Špíšek


Radek Špíšek graduated from the First Faculty of Medicine at Charles University and then went on to complete part of his postgraduate studies in immunology in France in 2000–2002 at the Institut de biologie at the University of Nantes. He then worked for two years on the team of Ralph Steinman, Nobel Prize winner in Physiology and Medicine, at the Laboratory of Tumor Immunology at New York’s Rockefeller University.

In his scientific work, Radek pursues research in tumour immunology and cancer immunotherapy. He is a professor of medical immunology at the Second Faculty of Medicine at Charles University and has clinical certifications in paediatrics, allergology and clinical immunology. He has been working for SOTIO since 2010.

Radek has been a trustee of The Kellner Family Foundation since June 2021 but was already involved in the Foundation’s work in previous years. He regularly participates in interviews with scholarship applicants for studies at foreign universities and was also involved in selecting the teams to receive Foundation grants for scientific research in 2013–2016.