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Michael Sova

Our scholarship holder 2012 – 2015


Imperial College London

Field of study



My name is Michael Sova, and I was born in Prague. I have been interested in science since childhood, so I have spent a lot of my time on mathematics, physics, chemistry, etc. Most of my schoolmates and peers these days don’t know what they will do in the future. Young people have a vast range of possibilities, making it difficult to choose. I firmly believe that Engineering is the right choice for me, economically and personally. Having completed the demanding International Baccalaureate process, I am waiting for my test results, which are due in six days. I thank The Kellner Family Foundation very much for its support, which will help me to attain my near and distant goals.


International School of Prague, Czech Republic


Imperial College London, UK



My goal is to complete my Master’s Degree at the Imperial College of London in the field of Chemical Engineering. I will probably work towards my Doctor’s Degree after that, depending on my financial situation after four years.


I like playing the guitar, and I have a band; we create things, write songs and play clubs. Unfortunately, the singer is in England currently so I have to find a replacement. I try to play soccer at least once a week. I love reading books; I have just read 6 Easy Pieces by Richard Feynman, and I was a bit bored so I started reading 6 Not so Easy Pieces by the same author. I also like jogging and playing computer games now and then.

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