Settling at university

After a long summer of travelling, settling at university was not an unpleasant change. Meeting old friends within the festive atmosphere of fresher’s week provides a positive background to what is ultimately a restoration of responsibilities.

To my surprise London had so far amazing weather, not in the Mediterranean sense but in the modest English one. Returning back to university after a long break is always a bittersweet process with its changes unbalancing my usual casual self. Absorbing the reddening leaves of the sparse London vegetation throws me back into a somber mood of nostalgia for the summer. However, soon after, I become aware of this unproductive melancholy. I suppress these moods, in order to develop an appetite for the upcoming challenges of the year. I was told the 2nd year of Physics is a noticeable step up in terms of workload and expectations. Although in reflection on the past I feel ready to tackle my second year head on. Carpe Annum.

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