End of exams

Now that the stress of exam season is finally over, I am excited about what is now looking like an eventful summer.

Currently I am in the midst of preparing for stewarding at the Glastonbury festival with OXFAM. I hope the weather is not too rainy, since most of the festival is located in a floodplain.

I am looking forwards to seeing the Rolling Stones; they said this will be their last performance so it should definitely be epic. Other musicians of interest are Primal Scream and the Arctic Monkeys. Overall, the lineup is excellent so I am hoping my volunteering shifts will not clash with too many performances. I think stewarding is something to seriously consider if you want to visit festivals on the cheap, while simultaneously gaining volunteering experience with a leading charity. After Glastonbury I am  looking forward to visiting a friend in Norway. I want to unwind in the wilderness after spending nearly a year in London; I almost forgot what a forest looks like.

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