Web development

Thanks to finishing all of my optional modules last term, I found myself with a lot of spare time.

So I decided to finally commit myself to learning web development properly. Currently I am dabbling with Ruby on Rails since it is very popular in the start-up community and is the highest paid developer job at the moment.

The whole learning process was very fun, although I did sideline my degree for some time, I do believe the skills I have learned are very valuable. The start up community in London is very vibrant. Although London can't compete against the American tech hegemony, London still probably has the best tech-scene in Europe.

My exams are fast approaching and I will have to re-focus on my degree. I am presented with a conundrum, should I continue learning a valuable skill or should I strive for a higher grade in my degree? Fortunately there can be an overlap between my interests, for example, I have made a simple physics based game which can be found on: gravity-game.herokuapp.com (not mobile friendly).

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