Spring has arrived

n the passing weeks of the grey London winter, I have fell into a seemingly monotonous daily routine of lectures and coursework. Having my first warm day in ages has been a sort wake up call to end my winter hibernation. When the sun came out, the Londoners appeared to be confused as they stared at the strange bright yellow ball above. The previous sentence might have been a slight hyperbole, however it was a very pleasant day despite the looming shadow of the approaching exams.

In the current trimester I have been studying mainly Quantum Physics and Electromagnetism. The lecturers were great, with very interesting demonstrations.  One Quantum Physics lecture included an infrared camera used by the military to detect heat signatures of their targets.

I have had some amazing experiences in the past few months. I have taken advantage of the local museums (usually free of charge), only minutes away by foot; the exhibitions are very engaging and are changed frequently. Currently there is an exhibition about extinction in the Natural History Museum of London, which I am planning to visit as soon as possible. I have also visited galleries; the Tate Modern exhibition of Lichtenstein was well worth the long queue.

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