Being in third year Physics is great

I was able to choose most of my modules this year. It is finally possible to focus on what I find most interesting, mainly computational based modules.

I am really looking forward to working on my third year project over the next two terms. The project will involve using network analysis applied to Wikipedia articles. The aim is to distinguish who the most popular and influential scientists are.

It took me two years, but I am starting to finally appreciate the finer benefits of a physics degree. It has helped me hone a both rigorous and rational mind-set. This mind-set is not only important for passing exams; it is applicable to any challenge life brings.

I have decided to continue teaching students in programming and mathematics over the weekends. I enjoy passing on knowledge I have accrued and inspiring potential future scientists. Teaching is also great for improving my interpersonal skills. Although I appreciate the importance of a balanced lifestyle, I had to unfortunately drop ice
hockey this year due to lack of time. I have instead taken up running in my spare time. I also try to practice my guitar playing whenever I am free.

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