Exam season is approaching fast

The calm composure is being slowly dissolved in the realizations of forgotten knowledge. My friends are firmly placed in the library - my new home.

The only solace is found in the slowly returning sun. The flowers are erupting out of the trampled earth in a variety of colors. Daffodils have sprouted around my daily cycling trail. They comfort me with their bright radiance.  Cycling in London is not for the weak. Sometimes I am convinced that Taxi drivers try to actively knock me off my bike. The roads are dangerous and the pavement is full of angry pedestrians. Despite these difficulties cycling is still better than the metro at peak hours.

Exercising is important for preserving the mental faculties. I recently started to regularly swim. I am not doing it solely for the exercise. The showers are functional there. I should really try to get a better flat next year. I have also began to jog regularly in Hyde Park. It is quite a nice place, from some parts of the park it almost seems like you are not in a city. I hope I will be able to find a place close to Hyde Park for next year. Bayswater seems to be affordable. More research will have to be done. I think I underestimated the importance of a nice home last year. I am determined to find something a lot better. Unfortunately, London might be the worst location in the world for finding an affordable place to stay.

My flat was covered in mold again. We had to bleach every surface. Make sure that when choosing a flat there are not massive black spots on the wall. I believe the spores might be toxic and detrimental to my learning. I wonder if I could use the mold for mitigating circumstances for my exams.

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