Surviving Fresher’s week

Currently I am starting the second week of my university course. The first week was quite challenging; London is a huge place! It boggles my mind that London’s population is equivalent to that of the whole Czech Republic.

Traveling the underground is an intense experience; it’s like fighting a stampede of animals. Anyways, I just started my lectures recently. I had some physics and chemistry lectures today; so far they were easy as the professors are mainly concerned with a brief review of our high school courses. However, I expect the difficulty to ramp up quite soon! At the moment my biggest trouble is remembering people’s names, it makes social interaction quite awkward when I jumble people’s names up… There is a plethora of events, clubs and societies. I expect it to be quite difficult in the near future to find equilibrium between the seemingly opposing forces of academics and leisure. Nonetheless, I am fortunate to be at a new crossroad of life and it is up to me to take advantage my situation.

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