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Nikola Marková

Our student 2013 - 2017


University of Glasgow

Field of study



Open Gate graduate in 2013

I was only 11 at the time when a turnaround occurred in my life. A proposal arrived from The Kellner Family Foundation (at that time the Educa Foundation) to sit the admission test for what then was a very new and prestigious school, Open Gate. I grasped the opportunity and successfully passed the difficult tests. My path led me from a small town, Budišov nad Budišovkou in Moravia, to Babice near Prague. Since then, eight nice and beneficial, and yet challenging years have passed, abounding in both personal and academic advances and accomplishments. In May 2013, I faced two ‘performances’: the Czech school leaving examination and the International Baccalaureate. Now I am able to express thanks to the same foundation for sponsoring me at the University of Glasgow, where I intend to investigate psychology; in fact, I would like to pursue a more narrow specialization in this field in the future (for the time being, forensic psychology attracts me).

At Open Gate, I tried out a number of extracurricular activities; the most captivating of them for me were belly dancing, Latin American dances, and kick box. Volunteering was also one of the ways I filled my leisure time – I would like to mention waiting on tables at the school’s coffee bar and performing at the school’s and outside events.

Studying is the top priority for me at present; I would therefore like to extend warm thanks to The Kellner Family Foundation for its past and future financial support for my education. Thanks to the foundation, I have made one more step towards my goals.


OPEN GATE Grammar School, graduated in 2013


University of Glasgow, UK, Psychology; since 2013



My current goal is to complete my program at the University of Glasgow and then, ideally, continue towards a higher degree, and then work in the field of my academic endeavor.


Music, dancing, singing, friends, sport, and reading

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