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Martin Mach

Our scholarship holder 2015 – 2019


University of Oxford

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The eight years spent at the Johannes Kepler high school have undoubtedly left their mark on me, including giving me my inspiration to study in the U.K.

The role of this inspiration was excellently played by an internship at the Winchester College, where I met the eccentricities of the British concept of math face to face. That vastly amplified my desire to study math in the future.

During my high school years, my interests took a certain shape, and so in addition to mathematics I have mastered a broad range of other skills. Math is an incredibly abstract field where the knowledge of context and general awareness are more valuable than elsewhere, and so I gained a strong footing in my education.

On this foundation I will now build a castle in the air built of both logical constructs and warped shapes, as I am setting out to study math at the University of Oxford. 


The Johannes Kepler Grammar School, Czech Republic, graduated in 2015


University of Oxford, UK, started in 2015




Be and not be like Niels Henrik Abel.


Reading, art, operations with meaningless symbols under clearly predefined rules, sports

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