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I am writing this entry with the knowledge that it is the penultimate. When I am writing the next one, I will have most likely finished exams. So between going to lectures and writing my dissertation, I am also working on what I will be doing next year. I am applying to various PhDs, which mostly entails interviews and, above all, waiting for the decision. The process is often rather complicated. This Easter, for example, I am flying to Vienna, where I will spend four days having interviews. But this is an extreme case, almost like going to a conference. On the same occasion, I will make a short visit to Prague, but after that, I will soon return to Oxford to study for exams.

In the meantime, Brexit is scheduled to happen. But the British public has lost interest, I think. At the start of January, I would overhear a related word every now and then. But now my friends never talk about Brexit nor do I hear about it elsewhere. At least here is Oxford there has been a desensitisation to Brexit, Brexit fatigue if you will. After all, there is not much to talk about, since a lot of the important information is a big unknown. But the University of Oxford still wants Europeans and also my college has reassured me of this.

This term I only have one course and I spend the rest of the time on my dissertation. It is completely splendid and I am slowly approaching the upper word limit. I must say I simply love it. The last course that I am taking is Introduction to schemes. A completely innocuous name for a course which is conceptually a lot farther than other courses since it builds on four courses from last term. The goal of the course is to introduce us to the work of Alexander Grothendieck, who was a fascinating French mathematician of the twentieth century. I think it will do as my last, crowning course.

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