Last year ahead

The last term of this year was full of anticipation because at the end I had eight exams. This time the exam period was slightly more acceptable than in the past – last year, for example, I had ten exams in ten days and at the end, I was truly exhausted.

This year I was fairly lucky and in between exams I usually had at least a day, so I eventually survived relatively all in one piece. The tension has in some sense already faded, but on the other hand, it is not yet over and actually, it is still to culminate, since I only receive the results on Monday and, paradoxically, this part is perhaps the most stressful of the entire exam process.

Next week I start my two-month internship in Munich in the area of technology consulting. I look forward to applying myself again, this time in an area slightly different from mathematics, which I did even last summer – my task will be to program a solution to a certain given assignment. So there will be plenty of new stuff to learn, which is always exciting. It will also be a step out my comfort zone and I expect the first few days to be both demanding and adventurous at the same time.

In my free time, I have a bunch of plans as to what I want to squeeze in. Munich, for example, it is not far from the Alps. I would also like to brush up my knowledge of German. Most importantly, I need to read through my autumn courses, because next term I will have to focus on my dissertation, the topic of which I will only get in September. I also have plans in the kitchen. But this time this doesnot include any new recipes. I want to try a meal that has gained unprecedented popularity among my friends in Oxford: Huel. It is a nutritionally complete powder food which allegedly only takes fifteen seconds to prepare. I wonder what I will be able to do with all the time I save.

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