Complete routine

This is the end of the sixth trimester. The entire second year flew past faster than the first, but this does not surprise me. The fact that holiday is now fully upon us is in fact no more unexpected. I have now come back to Prague, but not for long. I have not had the time to cool down after exams but I am already learning new maths – this time for my research project, which I will be doing at the university later this summer.

I described the details, for the most part, in my previous blog, but in the meantime, I have started my preparatory reading and I have hence acquired new insights. I must say that the tone of the entire work is quite different from what I am used to from my university lectures and textbooks. To a certain extent my project will, in fact, be in a relatively uncharted area of mathematics, or so I like to think. And thus it looks as though I have a summer full of exploration ahead.

This year's exams were not too different from what I saw last year. There was, however, one important difference: this year counts. This made the experience a notch more stressful, so at least the examiners spread them out. In practice, this meant that within ten days I went through ten exams. By the end of all this turmoil, I had forgotten what it felt like not to have any exams at all; I got so absorbed by this mindset that I started to see this as complete routine. A week later I do not understand how this was possible.

The transformation at the end of exams was simply radical. The relief, however, is only arriving gradually. I will, therefore, be spending the next two weeks in the countryside, so as to clean my mind and be able to start over fresh. In particular, I am organising a summer camp for, among others, children from a children's home. The sandstone cliffs of the Bohemian Paradise will provide me with a perfect backdrop to accomplish this.


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