White, pink, red

I was confident I understood the English weather, but then summer term arrived and with it came hail and snow. On the other hand we have been granted the exceptional luxury of walking on the grass and finally I was able to enjoy plenty of sunshine too. As a promise of the upcoming summer, the sun would cast the library stained glass windows all over my notes.

Oxford has untypical terms, compared to most other universities. We always start one week later and finish one week sooner than what is usual at Warwick, for example. Hence it is necessary to revise during Christmas, as well as the Easter break. Since we get the same amount of lectures, we still see new material in the first half of Trinity, which is time to revise for other students.

The second half of Trinity was rather different from what I had seen in Oxford in previous terms, on the other hand it finally resembled other universities‘ terms. Lectures being over, the rigid timetable imposed by them disappears. This is a test for the students and their self-discipline. We have to set up our own structure of time. I wake up at 7 in the morning and before 9 I am headed to the library. The most important part, however, are the short breaks I take to relax and recoup.

The atmosphere tenses up, as the exams are nearing. People can be seen wearing sub fusc, the Oxford traditional academic dress, which is compulsorily worn in the exams. It can be seen in the hall, library and even in the park. Among groups of friends from various subjects, fear, excitement and finally relief, when they have finished, set in.

Mathematics is the very last to have its exams. In the ninth week the term was finally over and the college became fairly empty, but still we got anything but peace. On the contrary, the exams are the climax of the entire year and in this thrilling finishing spurt, we determined the outcome of all our efforts.

In the end the exam week flew like the wind. A part of the traditional dress is a colourful carnation, the colour of which signalizes to everyone, which stage of the exams the person is currently in. White, three times pink and finally red. The next thing I know is I am worrying about when all the euforia and relief will arrive. They say it is not immediate.


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