The second half goes faster

My master’s degree has entered its second half. Tomorrow I am going to a traditional celebration of academic achievements – the so-called Scholars Dinner, which is one of the main events of the year and at the same time a great opportunity to wear my gown, which I otherwise mostly just wear in exams. The dinner is an annual formal event similar to formal halls, but unlike those, this dinner is truly special, because our professors will be there too. We no longer get our education from our college professors in the third year. Instead of that, we receive classes from all kinds of professors at the Maths Institute. Scholars Dinner will, therefore, be the first real opportunity to talk, among other, about the exams.

I wrote about my exams in the last blog and while that now feels like a long time in the past, thanks to the summer break, my third-year exams are starting to take form on the horizon, despite the fact that we are barely halfway through the first trimester. Still, soon I will have absorbed most of the material because the distribution of my courses is highly uneven this year. But I do not mind. On the contrary. I can keep up with the faster pace and I will have plenty of time left to revise next term.

The ultimate year feels closer than one would expect at first. Our college does not have enough room to accommodate everyone on the college campus. As a result, fourth years typically look for their own accommodation and this year is no exception. I have been, besides all my other duties, worrying about where I will live next year. And I can finally feel relieved because I have found a solution. On the other hand, I can no longer pretend the end of my undergraduate degree is far in the future.

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