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For students

Do you crave to learn, develop and thrive, but find yourself growing up where the importance of education tends to be overlooked? Then Open Gate is the school for you. This school will look after you in every way – with a top education, special-interest clubs, even accommodation and food. With the scholarship, you and your family will not have to worry about how to pay for everything.

Is Open Gate really for me?

If it’s the expense you’re wondering about, the scholarship will take care of that. What we are most interested in is whether you have the desire and the will to work hard on yourself. The entrance exams will test whether you have the right aptitude to study. It would be a pity not to try, because if you want to have the opportunity to take the International Baccalaureate (IB) and perhaps continue your studies at a foreign university, Open Gate is a great choice. Besides the IB, you will also study for the Czech maturita, so the door will be open for you to study at Czech universities.

The entrance exams will be tough, do I even have a chance?

We can help you with that too. If you live in a children’s home, foster home, or come from a socially disadvantaged family and are worried you wouldn’t pass the Open Gate entrance exams, let us know. We’ll put you in touch with tutors from Populo, a school which provides tailored tutoring, and they will get you ready for the exams. The students who have been helped with their entrance exams have nothing but praise for these tutors. If you’re growing up in a children’s home, tutoring is free of any charge.

How exactly do things work at Open Gate?

You can find out on the school’s website at If you’re interested, the best thing to do is attend the school open days held every November and January. Of course, you can visit with your parents or legal guardians at other times, but an appointment must be made in advance to suit you and the school.

So how do I get a scholarship?

Your parents or legal guardians must apply on your behalf. Ask them to look through the “For parents” and “Practical information” sections. If your parents need help or advice with anything, they are welcome to contact a Foundation representative.

What if I want to continue to university when I leave the school?

We also offer grants for university students to help cover the costs of their studies. If you convince us that you have what it takes, funding will definitely not be an obstacle in preventing you from going to Oxford, Cambridge or the University of South Bohemia.

For scholarship applicants