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The first date for applying for an Open Gate grant is approaching

3. January 2020 There are two dates for sending applications for need-based grants: by 15 January and by 1 March 2020.

Beginning this year, we have an innovation for applicants for Open Gate grammar school grants. Those who want to attend this grammar school and also want to apply for a need-based grant can send their applications to the Foundation in advance. If they deliver their applications by 15 January 2020 they will receive, well before the date for delivering applications for school enrolment (1 March 2020), a notice on whether or not they will receive the grant and in what amount. The other option is to deliver the grant application by 1 March 2020.

Need-based grants can be awarded to students admitted to the first year (the prima) of the grammar school, and also to students transferring to Open Gate in a higher year. Since the grammar school was established in 2005, need-based grants have been awarded to 342 grammar school students.

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