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For parents / guardians

Our scholarships give children from financially or socially disadvantaged families the opportunity to get a top-quality education at Open Gate Grammar School. Scholarship students make up about a third of the year group. A mixed team benefits everyone, and even children from difficult family backgrounds have the chance to excel here. How about you?

Is Open Gate really an option for children?

It could be. If your child is exceptionally bright and you feel they deserve a much better education than you can provide, just try enrolling them. Their academic aptitude will be gauged by the school’s entrance exams, and scholarship applications are always considered on a case-by-case basis that take into account the family’s circumstances.

Will other children make fun of our child?

Definitely not, it is mutually enriching for children from different social backgrounds to be together, and Open Gate builds on that. Since the school was established in 2005, 58 students from children’s homes and foster care have studied here, 169 from single-parent families, and 130 from two-parent households in difficult financial circumstances.

When do children start at Open Gate? In Year 6?

In most cases, yes – Open Gate is an eight-year grammar school, pupils normally join us after completing Year 5 of primary school. Applications to prima (the first year of grammar school) must be submitted by 1 March when the child is in Year 5. Older students may transfer to Open Gate only if the school has a vacancy. In this case, a non-routine admissions procedure applies.

Do you encourage children to continue their studies at university?

One of the main purposes of a grammar school is for students to continue to university to study their dream subject. With this in mind, the Foundation also offers grants for university students to help them to cover the costs of their studies, even if they choose to study abroad. If someone has talent and passion, lack of money should not stand in the way of their dreams. And, for Open Gate graduates, we also offer a special grant to study at a Czech university.

What should we do if we want to apply for a scholarship?

  • Contact a Foundation representative to discuss your family situation and your child’s academic performance.

  • Collect the documents we need to assess your application. The Foundation representative can help you with this, too. An overview of the documents is provided in the online form.

  • Be sure to submit your completed application no later than 1 March.

For scholarship applicants