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Jan Krajník

Our scholarship holder 2016 – 2020


The University of Aberdeen

Field of study



Open Gate graduate in 2016

I come from the town of Chomutov (in the north-western part of the Czech Republic) where I attended elementary school. In the 7th grade I transferred to the Open Gate eight-year grammar school in Babice and graduated there by passing the Czech school leaving examination and the International Baccalaureate. I enjoy almost all sports with the exception of swimming, because I don’t know how to float. But my favorite sports are those where you hold something in your hands, such as an ice-hockey stick or a racket. I also enjoy playing the guitar or piano and singing. It is the broad range of my interests that has been instrumental in my decision to take psychology, as I believe that everyone can find something of their interest in this discipline. On the other hand, the subject gives students the freedom to focus on multiple things simultaneously, which I like.


Open Gate School, graduated in 2016


The University of Aberdeen, U.K., beginning 2016



My greatest goal at the moment is finding new friends at my future university and adjusting to the Scottish accent. In Aberdeen, I would like to continue in most of the activities I did back at home in the Czech Republic, such as floor-ball and playing guitar. As for longer-term goals, I’m aiming at Master of Arts from the University of Aberdeen.


Playing musical instruments, various sports, travelling to Banát [an old Czech village in Romania]

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