The end of two seasons

Starbucks coffee offers free refills on filtered coffee. I guess you didn’t know that. What you probably also didn’t know, is that if they run out of filtered coffee they will offer you americano for the same price and refill as well, which I mean is just crazy. Especially when we consider that filtered coffee in Starbucks is generally around 1 pound cheaper than in any university run coffee.

I was always against these supranational companies profiting out of exploiting our environment but to be honest Starbucks has grown on me lately. Not only can I get over-caffeinated very easily by chugging two “Venti” mugs of their brew, but it also always has a place to sit with a power plug nearby. Over the years I’ve tried many different studying locations on the University of Aberdeen campus. You see, it’s not so easy to find a place where you can find your own personal balance of procrastination and pretending to be reading for your classes. With some of these places I didn't even know if I was allowed to be there. Like the foreign languages private study room, or the 8th floor of MacRobert building at 1am. THe more obvious studying spaces like libraries have their problems as well. The newly built Sir Duncan Rice Library is too big, cold, and loud, while the old Taylor library is too small, hot, and quiet. Home is also not an option for me, as studying in the same room where you sleep is supposedly highly unproductive. Because of all these reasons, the Starbucks on campus has been my favourite place to write my thesis.

Yes, the time has come, where I frantically try to scribble down what is supposed to be the pinnacle of my Bachelor studies.And I must say that I have never been so excited to finish an academic piece of writing. Since, after that there are only three more exams awaiting me in early May and if everything goes smoothly, I will finally be able to take a photo of me throwing up the graduation cap in the air. Academic season is not the only one that is coming to end, next Sunday me and my teammates are going to the last floorball tournament of the regular season, with chances of ending up 2nd in the overall standings in the Scottish League. I’m especially excited for this occasion, since it is the first time we will be bringing fans with us to cheer us on. And not just a few, since we rented out a coach for 25 people that will be bringing both the team and its supporters to the tournament in Perth.

Other than that, late February and early March is always a period of stress, mostly due to the pilling deadlines. It is also, however, a time of change and excitement- since it is the time of internships and master studies applications. Personally, I am awaiting a response from Lund University in Sweden, where I’d like to continue my psychology studies. This could not only give me a chance to properly capitalize on what I would have learned in my bachelor studies, but also fulfill my long time dream of living in Sweden.

It seems as everything is coming to an end. An end that is, surprisingly, much more positive and carefree than I have originally imagined. But more about that later, my thesis won’t finish writing itself on its own. Hopefully, the next time you’ll hear from me, I will already be in possession of a university diploma and will be moving onto a brand new stage in my life. A stage that will hopefully have much less obstacles in  its way. Nevertheless, as Mňága and Žďorp said, “I cesta může být cíl”, which applies double to Aberdeen.



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