Guitar and floorball

It's exactly a year since I wrote my first post on my blog. Yet again I’m thinking, in what interesting way should I describe what is happening in my life. My previous posts mainly dealt with my experiences of student life. Today, I would rather talk about my personal life.

At the moment, there are two things that I miss in Aberdeen, guitar and floorball. I tried to replace the first mentioned item by buying a string instrument here. Ehm instrument, to be honest it looks more like a thing you could buy in a toy shop. Experienced musicians certainly know that I'm talking about ukulele, a four-stringed instrument that is approximately five times smaller than a classic guitar. It does not sound amazing, but you would wonder how useful it was when the Czechoslovak Society organized a campfire on the beach. Another advantage of the instrument is that it's portable and I can bring it with me to the airplane. Unfortunately, the second mentioned activity, floorball, could not be fully replaced. Those who know me know that I am a passionate floorball player and that I spent a substantial part of my life playing for Florbal Chomutov. University has a floorball club, but the problem is that the league in which the team is registered falls under the International Floorball Federation (IFF). You gotta be surely asking “What's wrong with this?”. The problem is that I would have to make a transfer to the university team, which would not be such a problem. The real problem is the cost of the transfer fee which is at this moment 230 GBP. The club is not willing to pay for this amount, and I do not even blame them, I would have done the same. To be honest I don’t really mind not transfering to the Uni club because most of the time Scottish Floorball League reminds me of videos from football Sunday league. I understand that floorball in Scotland is just starting, but sometimes it seems to me that I would be more likely to succeed with a wooden stick and ice hockey equipment. Floorball is certainly not "contactless" here. The fact that the players themselves are judging matches when they are not playing, significantly contributes to that.

However, with the upcoming year, everything should change. In fact, I’ll be taking part in the Erasmus + program, at a place where floorball started, Scandinavia. Next year I’ll be studying psychology in Norway at the University of Oslo. The strategy will be as follows: "Hello, my name is Karel Vomáčka and I never played floorball, I'm just very naturally gifted sportsman." This should eliminate any problems with potential paperwork and transfers. I'll see maybe the university club will pay the fee for me. On the other hand, I do not even know if I will have time for floorball. Winter in Oslo offers plenty of other sport activities. The cross-country and skating area just behind the dormitory building should be more than satisfying for my athletic needs.

Time goes by so fast, first exam in three weeks, in one month I’ll be going home for Christmas, and in another 14 days I will move to yet another country. Wish me luck, I guess I'll need it!


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