Life in Aberdeen? Nei Bor!

It’s exactly 9am. Darkness is creeping around. It’s raining and the wind is blowing. I haven’t seen sun for almost a week, and according to the forecast it should only get worse. The weather is so bad that even stubborn Scots changed their shorts for trousers. The golf courses are completely empty. Even the seagulls disappeared, which at least means that I won’t get attacked while eating breakfast for a while. I don’t know if they left for warmer places, but if I were a seagull I would disappear faster than a lightning.

Whatever, there is nothing I can do about it. Weather is even worse in Czech Republic, at least it is not snowing here. On the other hand, snow can at least justify the bad weather a little bit, since you feel that the cold was at least worth it and everything looks nicer now. Enough for weather at the moment, you could read about it in any newspaper available. I’m writing this blog mainly because I want to share my experiences with life in Aberdeen.

To be honest it is much harder than I would have ever expected. I can finally understand why were all the carriers and teachers at Open Gate telling us that “you won’t ever encounter anything like Open Gate again”. And it’s the truth, in OG people will teach you many things, which will come handy in the life. Cooking is not one of them. I always thought that shopping and cooking is not as bad as people made it seem. Yet again they were right. I simply hate shopping and cooking because it always seems that it is taking up majority of my time. At the moment I believe that “the best food is the one you did not cook” and that “little pizza never killed nobody”. At least I’m not getting bigger or anything, although I know that I will have to learn how to do such things sooner or later.

Positive influence of Open Gate is apparent in studying itself. Managebac, procrastination, one on ones etc. are luxury which you cannot afford at Uni. The studying itself as just as I expected. My major Psychology, is entertaining. The vast majority of the subject consists of lecture about different areas of psychology. However, my favourite activities are the workshops, where are have more space for my opinions because we often do debates and teamwork activities. I have two other subjects apart from psychology, Spanish and Web Application Design. I know weird combination right? A lot of people ask me what exactly I want to do after Uni with such subjects and I always calmly respond “I don’t know” and that is the thing. I really appreciate the opportunity to take any subjects I want. This is a notable advantage of the Scotland schooling, since I can pick any subject from any area.

The only thing that bothers me is the local community. I don’t know if it is because I stumbled upon wrong people, or the fact that majority of the students in my year is two years younger. I just find it really hard to find some people the I would get along with. It’s simple as that. Well, the student population of Aberdeen makes up to 15% of the total population, which hopefully means that sooner or later I’ll wind some good mates.

Anyway, if I consider all the pros and cons, life in Aberdeen is the same as I already described it in the title. Pretty much “Nei, bor”…


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