I would not change it

Yet again comes the time where it is my duty to enrich you with interesting things that have happened in my student life. Every blog post from November is a little specific though, since every year the deadline for it is colliding with deadlines for major school assignments. I find it quite stressful this year especially, because I will have to write four two-hour exams in less than three weeks. Today however, I would like to talk about something completely different than my studies, mainly because I’ll have more than enough of it in the upcoming weeks.

Lately I became very interested in Czech media, primarily because I am interested in what’s happening in my country. Most of all, I started watching “Šťastné pondělí” by a news reporter Jindřích Šídlo, who sarcastically comments on political events happening in Czechia. I find it paradoxical, that my interest in politics was almost non-existant when I was in Czech Republic, however now, when I am away it is peaking. I am not exactly sure if me, a psychology student, is suited to comment on the current situation in our country, however the events that are currently taking place in our country are keeping me up at night. Honestly, I am not surprised, since the events of past few weeks and months influence me directly. As I already mentioned in my previous post, I am currently holding the position of vice-president of the Czech&Slovak society and I am constantly trying to present my country in good light to other people from abroad. Nevertheless, sometimes I find it sad that people ask me about our president and they’re making fun about his political missteps. Especially, when as a part of my little speech at the 100th year celebration of Czechoslovak republic, I tried to motivate others to always find something about their countries that they can be proud of.
Throughout the 100th anniversary celebration in Czech Republic, there was a commercial that said “Něměnil bych”, which roughly translates into “I would not change it”, showing the successful events in the history of the past countries. When I occasionally saw this spot in the media, I somehow identified with it. However, when I look at this sentence in the light of current political situation it makes me reconsider my prior opinions about this idea. Yes, it is true that there will always be something which I won’t like, as it is impossible that everybody would be content with politics. At the same time there are certain things that I find illogical, to say the least. Namely, I would like to mention the rejection of the proposition of voting from abroad by post. The government’s decision makes some of my basic rights as a citizen time consuming and financial difficult. Since if I wanted to support the party or the candidate of my choice, I would have had to travel 12 hours to London and another 12 back to Aberdeen.
I am not claiming that I would not be proud of Czech Republic. Even I “would not change it”, as there are many things that we as Czechs can be proud of. I only wanted to say that I would like to do everything I’ capable of so that once, the children of my grandchildren could say the same, “Neměnil bych!”.

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