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Kateřina Kobzová

Our student 2011 - 2014


University College London

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I was born and spent the first 11 years of my life in Plzeň. I started my secondary schooling in 2005 in Prague at the six-year Jan Neruda Grammar School. In 2008 I participated in the selection process for the HMC (Head Master Conference) program and obtained a full grant for one year at Caterham School, a private secondary school in the UK. During the academic year, the school decided to offer me a European Grant, which allowed me to study at the school for another year and complete my secondary studies there as well.

The local secondary tuition system suited me in particular, as I could focus on fewer subjects, in my case, mathematics, advanced mathematics, economics, political science, and physics. The studies further helped me to improve my English and also to decide for certain about the subjects that I want to study at university.

I was admitted to study economics at several prestigious universities in the UK in 2011, and I chose University College London. The Kellner Family Foundation has been supporting my studies in part, for which I am really grateful.


Caterham School, UK, graduated in 2011


University College London, Economics, UK, started in 2011



Complete my studies successfully and find a job I can enjoy.


Travelling, reading, sports, friends, music

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