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Kateřina Bošková

Our student 2011 - 2015


University of New York in Prague

Field of study



Open Gate graduate in 2011

Having graduated from elementary school, I proceeded to the natural sciences lycee at the Schola Humanitas. One year into my studies at the school, I began realizing how important languages are for people today, and an exchange visit to Sweden confirmed to me that I certainly had not mastered English, my main language of communication. That was the first impetus for me to switch schools. My dissatisfaction with the Czech education system was another. Hence, my choice was clear – Open Gate!

Thanks to the very generous support of The Kellner Family Foundation, my dream of mastering a foreign language and entering a multicultural world came true. I am immensely grateful to The Kellner Family Foundation for supporting me at the university. Thanks to it I can go on studying at an international university, in English.


Open Gate Grammar School, Czech Republic, graduated in 2011


University of New York in Prague, four-year Psychology, started in 2011



First and foremost, graduate in psychology successfully. Anything after that is in the distant future.


Horseback riding, cycling, gliding, drawing (only portraits so far).

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