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Daniel Mužátko

Our scholarship holder 2017 – 2021


The University of Aberdeen

Field of study



I am a young and inquisitive lad from the Vysočina Region; I have three siblings and a soft spot for gummy bears. I was always lucky to have good math teachers and I decided early in grammar school to go on to study math in university. I am interested in the Scottish system primarily for its greater emphasis on independence, self-studying and hands-on training. Through math, I want to understand the structures that can describe our whole world.

Secondary School:  

Bishopric Grammar School in Žďár nad Sázavou, graduated in 2017


University of Aberdeen, MA in Mathematics, beginning 2017



My current goal is to get used to the Scottish climate quickly, find new friends in Scotland, join some communities, find a temp job and, most importantly, have enough time for learning. In a more long-term outlook, I want to complete the MA Mathematics program in Aberdeen with the best results possible.


Mathematics, guitar playing, jazz, literature, jogging, and testing the new and unknown.

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