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Petr Paleček

Our scholarship holder 2013 – 2016


Northwestern University

Field of study

Psychologie, Ekonomie


I come from Ostrava and my earlier years were marked by a spirit of active engagement in sports. I played, intensively, ice hockey at HC Vítkovice Steel, HC Sareza Ostrava and, later, when I lived in Germany, at Krefelder EV 81. Back in the Czech Republic again, I decided to retire from active sport and engage in learning some more. I come from a business environment and therefore have always been interested in business and the discipline related to it, economics. At high school, psychology became another passion for me; it offers an inexhaustible amount of information about the human mind and its workings.

My motivation for going to the U.S. to study therefore lied in the opportunity to combine all of my passions: the opportunity to read economics with a focus on business and psychology, and to play ice hockey. Northwestern University is an institution where I can pursue all of these activities at the same time and, in addition, am surrounded by many talented and promising people from all over the world, who motivate me to continuously improve. Thus, my studies in the U.S. are a dream come true for me.


The Wichterle Grammar School in Ostrava, graduated in 2011


Northwestern University, Evanston, U.S.; started in 2012



Acquire knowledge, inspiration, and experience in the select environment of Northwestern University.


Psychology, financial markets, international relations, and ice hockey

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