From the students: New York College Experience

I had an incredible opportunity to study in New York over these past holidays. Organized by Oxbridge, the program was called the New York College Experience, and it was definitely one of the highlights of my life.

Initially, when I applied for the program, I was able to choose my major and minor programs, and I chose Science of the Future as my major and Creative Writing as my minor from the broad range offered. I really liked both subjects even before taking part in the program, but I have to admit that I expected something slightly different from what was available to study.

I expected a more technological and physics-based approach from Science of the Future, and more fiction in Creative Writing. The one month in New York greatly expanded my horizons, in particular in biology and poetry, and allowed me to meet many interesting people from all over the world. I also had an opportunity to see one of the world’s biggest cities, enjoy a Broadway performance, and participate in a flash mob at Times Square.

But I wouldn’t have had the opportunity if not for The Kellner Family Foundation. While I obtained grat that covered half of my expenses from Oxbridge, the Foundation covered the rest, without which I could not have gone. One thing is certain. These holidays have changed my life.

Juliana Gardošová, Open Gate student

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