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Staňkov Primary School


Involved in the project | since the 2015/16 school year
Affiliated schools | 8

Experience of the teaching team at the project school

Joint planning for a better school

Helping Schools Succeed spurred us into creating a practical plan for the development of teaching at the school. All teachers contribute to this. Over the course of the project, they have learned to work better together and enrich each other through regular sharing sessions.

Although we had never done anything like this at the school before, we gradually grasped the importance of encouraging and fostering mutual cooperation, responsibility and creativity. This has helped us find a way to open and respectful communication, which in turn helps create a safe environment for students and teachers alike.

Co-teaching and project consultants

Another benefit of the project is co-teaching, which has become routine at the school. Eleven pairs of teachers are teaching in tandem this school year. Together, they plan lessons, discuss the outcomes of the students’ work, and evaluate how the lesson objectives have been accomplished. Most importantly, they reflect on what they themselves need to learn in order to move their students forward.

The project also gives teachers the opportunity to participate in numerous beneficial training events and use the support offered by project consultants. Consultants assist them as they plan and reflect on lessons or open classes, draw up personal teacher development plans and devise a plan for the development of the school as a whole. They advise teachers on how to achieve a more inspiring work environment in their classrooms and recommend appropriate teaching aids such as quality books for experiential and disciplinary reading. Teachers value most the individual approach and opportunity to consult on educational issues and behavioural issues without fear in a safe environment.

In addition to individual work with teachers, consultants are involved in setting up regular teacher sharing sessions. They attend meetings of the school’s broader management personnel and prepare meetings with affiliated schools.

Education as a journey and commitment

We want to be guides for students on their journey through education. Our shared vision is for all children to experience success at school on a daily basis. We improve their inner motivation and responsibility for what they learn.

We are proud that the project has enabled us to offer education at our school which coherently develops critical thinking and human personality in a safe environment. We view this as our commitment and responsibility to students and parents.