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Veronika Šilhanová

Our student 2017 - 2020


CEVRO Institut

Field of study

Economic Policy


Open Gate graduate in 2017

I was born in Brno, but after some time, we moved to a small town in the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands called Bystřice nad Pernštejnem. I was back in Brno to start fifth grade, and after studying a year at the Svážná elementary school, I received the wonderful opportunity thanks to the kind contribution of The Kellner Family Foundation to study at the Open Gate eight-year grammar school. Open Gate educated me and showed me a certain direction that I want to take in the future. After all, these eight years over which I’ve had the opportunity to live and study here represent almost half my life, and I am extremely grateful for this chance. I successfully completed the Czech school leaving examination and IB certificates in English, Visual Art, Global Politics and Environmental Sciences.

My choice of a university was a bit more complicated. Thanks to IB, I developed a close relationship to Global Politics and ESS, but finding a university subject similar to this was a major challenge. This is why I also had to apply to natural science faculties in the field of Environmental Protection, which was not exactly what I was searching for. Only the CEVRO Institute offers the subject that I would like to study, and I am pleased that thanks to that kind contribution for my university expenses, I can study what I really want.

Secondary school 

OPEN GATE - elementary school and grammar school, graduated in 2017


CEVRO Institute, commenced in 2017



Now my goal is to successfully complete studies in Economic Policy at my university called the CEVRO Institute. My long-term dream is to become a Member of the European Parliament and take part in resolving problems surrounding environmental issues and further global problems linked to them. I am aware however that spreading awareness of these problems is also of great importance. That is why I also would not mind being an IB teacher of ESS or Global Politics at some school similar to Open Gate itself.


My main interests include sports, especially tennis and floorball. In terms of my talents, I have been playing the piano for 13 years and I am a former member of the Campanella choir. When I want to chill out, I like to roller skate, or spend time with my pets or friends and family.