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Tereza Kroupová

Our student 2013 - 2016


University College London

Field of study

Atomová a částicová fyzika, Molekulární a buněčná biologie


I study physics and biology. While not claiming that these subjects actually overlap, I like them both. In the future, I would prefer to continue in physics, but a basic knowledge of biology makes it possible to apply physics research to biological systems or to find the application of certain physics principles in, say, medicine.

In my professional life I would like to join research into a scientific topic that has a clear-cut application and the research into which may lead to improvements in a certain aspect of peoples’ lives. My thanks go to The Kellner Family Foundation for making it easier for me to attain this goal.

I devote my leisure time to modern dance and theatre (both actively and passively). I enjoy going to exhibitions and concerts, and travel to spend some time in the natural environment, and I love to be with my younger brother.


The Christian Doppler Grammar School in Prague, specialization: mathematics and physics; graduated in 2012


University College London, UK, Atomic and Particle Physics and Molecular and Cell Biology, since 2012



Complete the Bachelor’s program and continue in a Master’s and then a Doctoral program. Acquire experience in research and then work as a scientist in the Czech Republic or elsewhere.


Dancing, theater, reading, and sport

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