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Stanislav Mach

Our scholarship holder 2012 – 2016


The University of Warwick

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I come from Prague where I spent the last eight years in serenity at the Jan Kepler Grammar School. I was initially looking at a variety subjects, but step by step I developed symptoms of liking mathematics, which slowly yet inevitably turned into a sense of purpose in life (as much as I hate pigeonholing) that has brought me, among other things, to two summer camps in the US.

Despite my passion for mathematics, I have always valued the versatility of the ‘renaissance’ ideal, which is why I alternately dwell in the multidimensional and complex abstract spaces and in the world of music in a multitude of ways, most of which involve my acoustic guitar. In order to rise to the ancient Greek ideals, I also go jogging, take a yoga lesson now and then, and occasionally I go kicking (the ball that is). The rare moments when I do none of the above are when I savor sips of green tea and think about the immortality of the crab.

Focusing on mathematics after high school was my early plan, and the inspiration for the UK was provided by my internship at Oundle School, which I won and took while in my sixth year. The original dream soon proved to be a long distance run with many hurdles, but at this point things finally look like I will study mathematics at the University of Warwick beginning in October, thanks to a major financial contribution from The Kellner Family Foundation. It might seem that I am approaching my goal, but the opposite is true: this is just the beginning.

In the fashion of all the other blogs out there, let me add my e-mail address ( where you can write to me at any time.


Jan Kepler Grammar School, graduated in 2012


The University of Warwick - Mathematics, started in 2012



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