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Lukáš Kotlár

Our scholarship holder 2016 – 2018


CEVRO Institut

Field of study

Political Science and International Relations


Open Gate graduate in 2016

I was born in Brno. My life took me to an infant orphanage and then to the children’s home in Uherský Ostroh in Moravia, where I spent 16 years. After six years in an elementary school, I started at the Open Gate Grammar School in Babice thanks to the generous financial support from The Kellner Family Foundation, and this radically changed my life in many respects. I successfully graduated from Open Gate with a Czech school-leaving examination and IB certificates in English and Spanish. I was involved in the initiative to push for the Nobel Peace Prize for Sir Nicholas Winton. In addition to education, Open Gate gave me many fantastic experiences such as trips to India, Spain and Banat in Romania and allowed me to meet great and inspiring people, both teachers and students.

I hold The Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award. I currently work with the DofE as a project coordinator and ambassador, which makes it possible for me to communicate with young people all over the Czech Republic as part of promoting the program. I had an opportunity to meet the members of the royal family in the U.K. I work for young people in children’s homes mainly through the Zámeček journal. I work at home and abroad as an animator for the Czech Animation Team. I frequently take part in various conferences, panel discussions and media training.


Open Gate Grammar School (2016)


CEVRO Institute, Political Science and International Relations, Prague, CZE



My current goals include successful studies of political science at a university in Prague. I want to prove that if you get a chance and support in life and listen to your inner motivation, you can turn your dreams into reality. In addition to the academic path, my goal is to continue, actively and meaningfully, to pursue my interests, in a way that will positively influence and inspire our society.


It was always my priority to pursue several different activities that would entertain, develop and fulfill me. These include travelling, dancing, photography, sports, musical instruments, various cultural events and the world of the media. I am the editor-in-chief of Zámeček (Little Chateau), a journal for children’s homes, the Project Coordinator in the national office of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, and an animator for the Czech Animation Team. I focus on institutional education in the Czech Republic. I am interested in national and international politics. I enjoy my friends and love eating, adrenaline and new challenges!