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Lucie Martincová

Our student 2017 - 2018


Copenhagen Business School, University of British Columbia, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Field of study

International Business


I was born in Prague and spent most of my life to date there. When I was ten years old, two major chapters of my life started: an academic one and an athletic one. My admission to the eight-year Jaroslav Heyrovský Grammar School and rowing were the pivotal moments. I left for a six-month exchange visit to Gothenburg, Sweden, mid-studies and I spent seven years rowing at a competition level. Although rowing used to be one of my biggest priorities I had to quit due to an injury, which left me with all the time available for studies.

Following my school leaving exam I enrolled in an International Business BSc. program at the Copenhagen Business School and I have now finished my second year. During my studies I was chosen for the GLOBAL Supply Chain and Logistics Management tri-continental exchange program, which takes a year and a half and is part of my degree. The program has allowed me to spend the last six months at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and I am now relocating to Vancouver to study at the University of British Columbia.


Secondary School

The Jaroslav Heyrovský Grammar School (2007-2015)
International High School of the Gothenburg Region (2012)


Copenhagen Business School (beginning 2015),
GLOBAL Scholar (tri-continental exchange program, Copenhagen Business School, Chinese University of Hong Kong, University of British Columbia, 2016-2017)



Once I have completed my Bachelor’s program, I would like to go on in a Master’s program on Social Entrepreneurship. I also plan on gaining as much experience in the field as I can so as to ultimately start my own consulting business focusing on corporate social responsibility and generating shared values.


Travel, sports, gender studies, innovative entrepreneurship, spending time with friends

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