March ended together with the last exams of my bachelor degree BSc. in International Business. With April, on the other hand, the full-time bachelor thesis writing came. The advantage of my university is that we can choose if we want to write our thesis by ourselves or with one or two other students. The scope and depth of the paper of course linearly increase with the higher amount of people writing it, however, I personally see a huge advantage in writing with other people. Especially because in real life, there is a very limited amount of work which you do without a help of others. We were three writing our thesis at the end.

I must admit that I was a bit afraid at the beginning that it will be rather hard to coordinate all the work and not to kill each other when we are that many. Luckily, we managed way better than I had ever imagined, we divided our work very well, we wrote it without any fights, and we even finished five days before the deadline. And now, I would like to share with you some advice which was quite helpful for us.

1. If you can choose a topic of your work, be sure that you write about something you are really interested in. You will probably spend hours writing your paper, so better not to waste them.
2. Take your time when selecting your supervisor. A supervisor can not only truly help you and motivate you but (s)he also judges your work at the end. Therefore, rancorous professor, even though (s)he is a genius, who does not care about other’s work and never gave anyone a better grade than C, might not be the best choice.
3. If you write in a group, be clear about your expectations since the very beginning, especially in terms of a quality, detail, time spent working, and a method you want to work with. If your expectations are different, just find someone else, it will save you a lot of mental health.
4. Also, plan your deadlines at the beginning. I know, that everyone recommends it, and I personally mostly did this just by the feeling of my gut before but at the moment when you write in the team, it is an absolute must. Do not forget to leave some buffer if everything does not work out how planned.
5. Think about the strengths of your coworkers. If you mostly complement each other, you are already half-way there.
6. Lastly, really think about if you want to do it with your friends. I did, and I have no regrets, as we had quite a lot of fun while writing it. However, I know people who did as well and now they do not talk to each other anymore as writing together turned into a kind of suffering and their friendship did not last afterward.

Me personally, I actually rather enjoyed writing my bachelor thesis as we managed almost without any stress and we wrote about innovation - which is the main topic of my master program starting in September.

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