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Ibolya Běláková

Our grant holder 2016 - 2020


Keio University

Field of study

GIGA Program, Policy Management


Open Gate graduate

I was born in Uherské Hradiště and lived in Uherský Brod at first. Then I lived alternately in Italy and in Jihlava for four years. I was a student of the Londýnská Elementary School in Prague-Vinohrady and later of the Open Gate Grammar School in Babice. While in elementary school, I primarily engaged in classical ballet and piano playing, and then took a greater interest in Chinese martial arts and in languages – primarily English. Thanks to the multiple extracurricular activities at Open Gate, I also got to do debating, horseback riding, Chinese, and many voluntary activities that I continued to do and love. I took part in many model UNs and model NATOs while teaching myself languages such as Korean, Tibetan and Latin, and learning to play musical instruments such as the western concert flute.

My passion for sharing knowledge found its biggest use when I led a Japanese language course at Open Gate School. In order to study my favorite topics such as political science and economics while improving my knowledge of Japanese and the Japanese culture, I decided to go to a university in Tokyo.


Open Gate Grammar School (2015)


Keio University, Japan, beginning 2016



In the future, I want to continue improving my language skills, mainly in Japanese and Korean, and find new and, hopefully, more efficient ways to help people in my community and beyond.


Languages are my biggest passion, but I also love classical music and playing musical instruments, volunteering in almost any form, and getting to know new parts of the world.

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