Fall in Japan

Fall in Japan is beautiful. People go out of the city and travel out into the nature to look at colorful fall foliage. Many Japanese people actually even prefer the fall leaf viewing to cherry blossom viewing. This brings me to my campus in Shonan Fujisawa which is famous for its fall foliage. Some say that our autumn leafs are the most stunning out of all the Keio University campuses.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t really concern me, because I’m holed up in front of my computer screen, with about five empty coffee cups around me. I’m holed up because it’s graduate school applications season, and I’m applying to universities in Japan, the UK, and the US. Each of these countries has a relatively different application system, so I really didn’t make it easy for myself by applying to all these different universities. But one thing that these applications share is the requirement for standardized tests. I therefore had to refresh my, by now almost non-existent, math skills and brace myself for two different exams. I finished them last week so now I only have the university applications to focus on, which is what I’d like to say, but together with my midterm exams, writing my graduation thesis and regular part-time job, I sure won’t be bored in the next couple weeks and months. I will be sending my first application at the beginning of December, second one at the end of December, and the last one at the beginning of January, so after I’m done, my final exams will be starting. So wish me luck!

            But I’m very excited about two things: finishing my grad school applications and Christmas! Christmas is one of the few times of the year I get to experience a little bit of a Czech atmosphere even in the middle of Tokyo. I even found a Czech Christmas calendar with Josef Lada’s illustrations, so Czech Christmas can officially start now. So happy holidays to you all!

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